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Need help with user retention? Let’s discuss.

Engagement + Retention Audit

Over 6 weeks, our team conducts a comprehensive review of your app, analytics and CRM setup from an engagement and retention perspective. We’ll call out the gaps and prfioritize opportunities to systematically improve your user engagement and retention. We deliver and present a strategic plan to activate, engage and retain more users in your app, from Onboarding to Re-Activation, using Push, In-App and Email messaging.

Marketing Automation Kickstart

New to mobile CRM or not getting the results you want? Our Marketing Automation Kickstart will get you on track. Over a 6-month period, we’ll help you design and implement a CRM plan, strengthening your lifecycle marketing and mobile marketing automation strategies. We’ll also put together a process for campaign ideation, ensuring you have the tech fundamentals in place and building a solid strategy for maintaining privacy, deliverability and opt-in rates.

Real-Time Notifications

Deliver an extra layer of engagement with real-time notifications, which let users know when something relevant to them occurs, as soon as it occurs. When personalized, this timeliness can be a game-changer for engagement and ongoing retention. Our deep expertise here will help your team build a real-time notification system from the ground up.

Andy and Ed both worked on growth topics at SoundCloud, from Berlin and NYC respectively. Leading the Retention Team, Andy built out SoundCloud’s CRM tech stack and developed a real-time activity notifications system which increased user retention by 5 percentage points and deployed mobile in-app messaging campaigns that increased iOS push opt-in rate to over 60%, boosted app ratings and increased engagement, reactivation and virality. Ed built out SoundCloud’s global Email program, increasing subscriptions, subscriber retention and overall platform engagement significantly. At Phiture, they use this expertise to help our clients leverage CRM to drive impact across key business metrics.

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Our Thoughts

Building an email growth model

Building an email growth model

How to build an email growth model and how it was used to increase SoundCloud’s addressable email audience by tens of millions of users.

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Increasing retention with push

Increasing Retention with Push, In-App & Email - Part 1

Practical tips on how to go about improving retention in B2C mobile apps, employing strategic use of CRM as a lever for this improvement.

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Mobile growth stack

Mobile Growth Stack

We share all we’ve learned in the Mobile Growth Stack blog, which we named after our industry-acclaimed framework. The blog has been read and cited by the likes of Greylock Partners and Google.

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The RFF Framework

The RRF Framework Explained

RRF is an equation we developed to estimate the impact of notifications using reach, relevance and frequency. Since its publication, the RRF Framework has helped companies build notification systems in ways that are most effective for them.

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Watch: Interview w/ Brian Balfour

Phiture’s Andy talks to Brian from Reforge about increasing retention at SoundCloud with real-time notifications. In discussion: setting up a growth team, retention metrics that matter, the psychology of pushes and driving impact with notifications.

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Build a Kick-Ass Notifications System

Andy adds to the RRF Framework with actionable insights on building a notification system. Topics covered: how to use Machine Learning to create impactful notifications, instrumentation & experimentation and mitigate risk, maximize impact.

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