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We help you set up a great mobile growth strategy. Get serious about A/B testing, App Store Optimization, Virality, Onboarding, Lifecycle Marketing and more.
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See what app publishers with tens of thousands to hundreds of millions users already had to say about us


"Great insights"

Detailed and engaging audit that has left Nokia HERE with a lot of action items. Phiture touched base on all relevant topics for mobile growth, including ideas for our growth team setup. Definitely worth it, especially since they're asking the right questions.


William Gill Head of Growth HERE

"Immediate impact on our growth!"

Working together with Moritz brought us up to speed on mobile growth. Moritz not only provided actionable insights with immediate effect but also heavily influenced our product strategy for future growth.

Max Müller from Stylight GmbH

Max Müller Managing Director Stylight

"Passionate for growth"

In Moritz' 2 years at SoundCloud he contributed a lot to our growth story. His detail-oriented approach and passion for learning and applying new mobile growth tactics helped us master the complexities of the App Store and make bold strides in new market development. A thinker and a doer, Moritz is sure to make a valuable contribution to any growth effort.

Eric Wahlforss - Founder of SoundCloud

Eric Wahlforss Founder/CTO SoundCloud

Mobile Growth Audit

The Mobile Growth Audit is our recommended starter session: a two-day on-site engagement where we dive deep into your business and product.

Using the industry-acclaimed Mobile Growth Stack by Andy Carvell (Growth at SoundCloud) as a framework, we work with you and your team to deeply understand your business goals, analytics setup and marketing performance data, along with your current & planned growth activities.

We identify opportunities for growth and challenge core assumptions in a lively discussion, before presenting a ‘report card’ (a color-coded Mobile Growth Stack personalized for your business) showing our assessment of current growth activities and opportunities.  We then present and discuss our structured set of recommendations (a ‘what we would do’ if we were running growth for your company), relevant best-practice advice and examples from other publishers on product, growth marketing, process and team structure.  We also produce and deliver a prioritized ‘growth backlog’: an actionable list of growth initiatives, ordered by projected impact and effort that the team can begin working on immediately. We do 2 follow-up sessions to provide ongoing support & advice as your team begins to implement some of the initiatives.

The Mobile Growth Stack
The Mobile Growth Stack is a strategic framework for mobile growth. It lays on top of a solid foundation of analytics and a data-driven mindset. The stack then shows you for each step in the funnel (acquisition, engagement & retention and monetization) what you can do to grow your app.

Moritz is speaking about growth @ AcquireRetainEngage in London | March 21st 2016

We help you understand retention

Before diving into acquisition & monetization, we want to get a grip on your retention numbers. Cohort tables can get quite tricky to read. We help you understand your retention curves and segment your users to find anomalies.

If you don’t have a healthy retention rate, we’ll dive deeper into the question what makes your engaged users hooked. How you can better onboard those who don’t, and how you can get users back before they churn?

Retention without engagement, is a hollow metric. We’ll identify with you what engagement metrics you should use (session length, certain actions etc.) to measure how your app is performing overall.

Example of a monthly cohort table

… identify acquisition channels

Together with you and your team, we’ll look at your existing paid & organic acquisition channels. Should you double down on App Store Optimization, or rather spend your time on building viral loops.

… and revenue streams

An external view on your revenue model might help you think differently about your monetization strategy. Are you missing out on new ways to monetize? Should you go for In-App Purchases or rather go with an ad-supported model? And if you have a freemium app, how do you best convert your users into loyal paying customers? Which payment methods should you support when thinking globally?

The Colour-Coded Mobile Growth Stack helps you focus on the most important growth tactics & channels.


As part of the audit we will hand you colour-coded version of the mobile growth stack. Another deliverable is a actionable growth backlog with tactics that are tailor-made for your company. The backlog is ordered by estimated impact, confidence and ease of implementation. In follow-up calls with you, we’ll analyze how you’re doing on your growth trajectory.

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We deliver value for your money. You’ll end up saving money by acquiring more users organically and making them stick.

And: we help out early stage startups on a highly reduced rate.


To help you achieve your growth goals, we need to know exactly where you stand and where you want to go. As this might be critical and confidential business information, we are happy to sign an NDA.

Expertise & Hands-on

Having worked with growth teams for several apps with over millions or even hundreds of millions of users, we bring in a lot of knowledge how to set up for success. But don’t worry about us bringing in a corporate consultancy: we’ve been founders ourselves and understand that we need to cut to the chase.

Monitoring for success

We want to stay in touch and see how you are performing. After the audit, you will have at least 2 follow-up calls free of charge, and you can also always reach out to us with questions. We succeed if you succeed.

Interested in increasing your growth rates?

Hit us up with a bit of information about your company and the mobile apps you want to grow. We’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

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Mobile Growth Stack

A lightweight framework for strategic mobile growth created by Andy Carvell, Senior PM at SoundCloud. The stack focuses on what needs to be done rather than the tools.


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